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How to Cope with Severe Cold Weather

Department of Environment, Community and Local Government Cold weather, Climate, Advice General Advice: Be Informed- Listen to local radio: Check Weather Forecast Be Careful when walking or driving on compacted snow – it may have turned to ice – avoid unn ...

Environmental burden of disease associated with inadequate housing

World Health Organization (WHO) ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH, HEALTH STATUS, HOUSING STANDARD, RISK ASSESSMENT, RISK FACTOR This guide describes how to estimate the disease burden caused by inadequate housing conditions for the WHO European Region as well as for ...

Fuel Poverty Action Guide

National Energy Action (NEA) BUDGET, COST, FUEL POVERTY, INSULATION, ENERGY BILL, HEATING, ENERGY EFFICIENCY This guide forms part of the European Fuel Poverty and Energy Efficiency Study (EPEE). This guide is designed to be a practical and easy-to-use do ...

Equality Impact Assessment: How to Reduce the Risk of Seasonal Excess Deaths Systematically in Vulnerable Older People to Impact at Population Level

Smithies, J., Health Inequalities National Support Team CLIMATE, CLIMATE CHANGE, FUEL POVERTY, MORTALITY, OLDER PEOPLE, VULNERABLE GROUP, WELLBEING This 'how to' guide is part of a resource pack 'redoubling efforts to achieve the 2010 natio ...

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